church of tarot: ten of wands

ten of wands

First, let me brag a bit. This is one of the most stunning cards that I made. I just love how it turned out. On to the meanings:

The Ten of Wands depicts a man oppressed by the weight of the ten wands that he is carrying. This is a card of many meanings. It can be oppression. It can also signify fortune, gain, or success. It is also a card of falsities or disguise.

Some questions to consider might be: Do you want to unburden yourself? Why don’t you ask for help? How can you best fulfill what you’ve taken on?

This one’s tricky, what did you guys get out of it?

Warm-up for Wakarusa 2014

As everyone knows by now, Paige and I are all ready super, uber pumped for Wakarusa 2014!! Even though the festival is not until June, we like to spend the next few months “getting ready.” No we aren’t packing or anything like that, but we do this by repeatedly looking over the band line-up and oh-so-carefully choosing what bands to see. Our warm-up to Waka also involves heavily steeping yourself in the music to come. We listen to playlists compiled on Spotify especially for the festival!! Here are the tools you’ll need to enjoy the pre-festival excitement with us!! If anyone has a different perspective on warming up for Waka let us know so we can try it out too! As always enjoy.


P.s- So far I will not be missing Bassnectar, STS9, John Butler Trio, Lettuce, and of course Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This extensive playlist was created by Spotify user Chris Beno and contains over 300 tracks to get your groove on to! Give it a listen and let us know who you don’t want to miss!

see through postcards

I love a diy project that’s so quick and easy that I can skip pinning and go straight to crafting. These packing tape postcards took no time at all and were a lot of fun to make. The idea came from Angry Chicken, and I believe she found it in a book by Todd Oldham. So we can’t take credit, but we totally recommend giving it a try!


I picked some flowers from our porch, pulled out little bits of paper and things that I’ve held on to for years because they are too cute or cool to get rid of, but had no purpose for. An old thesaurus with the same idea behind it and some string topped the project off.


I made and mailed three, one has for sure reached it’s destination, so no troubles with the mailmen. (That blur was an address, it’s much cuter than this.)

Brooke and I really like to color (yes, we are grown ups, no we don’t have kids) and this was a fun way to get our colored things off of the fridge and not throw them away! If you’re into coloring too, or you have kids, Mady By Joel is a really fun place to get printable coloring sheets and a super nifty blog too.

gallery wall – our living room


I’m so excited to be sharing this glimpse of our tiny apartment. I’ve lived here for about two years now, and it’s a constantly evolving space. Things changed a lot when Brooke moved in last year, and our styles blended. Above is one wall in our living room. I’ll do my best to curate, but if you have questions about anything I’ve left out, don’t hesitate to ask! Today we’re focusing in on our gallery wall. Pretty much everyone who comes into our home comments on how great it is, so we figured our readers would appreciate it too!

Gallery walls are a heated topic for some. People love them and people hate them. But folks commenting on apartment therapy can get riled up about just about anything. A good gallery wall grows, but not from any specific point. I think ours started with the duck print, though it’s hard to remember as I’m constantly moving the art around in our home.

art1) Photograph of Brooke playing softball, we like having personal photographs as conversation starters.
2) Photograph of brooke’s softball team, again a fun conversation starter and a keepsake.
3) A big bot poster from a NWA roller derby bout, never be afraid to steal a poster from a community bullitan board or nearby telephone pole! but be cool, and wait until the event is over.
4) Ink and acrylic, over a pencil drawing that was a final project for an art class I took at Hendrix College. This big piece helps to draw everything together and fill the large space.
5) Charcoal portrait of Lil Wayne, Brooke recieved this as a gift from a close friend of ours. Don’t be afraid to ask someone you know to make you something if you aren’t able to yourself!
6) Series of three photographs from Brooke’s High School graduation, again a keepsake and conversation starter.
7) Evil eye, a gift from a friend who had traveled to Germany. We have recieved many of these from friends traveling and the metal above this one makes it my favorite. They are said to ward off bad energy, if your into that kind of stuff. I just think it’s beautiful.
8) Nameplate from my family’s Datsun B210. This and the evil eye add texture to the display.
9) Photograph of my mom, Brooke, and I. Again, we really like to mix in personal photographs which can be too much on their own, but are fun with art all around.
10) A handmade mixed media card from a friend. (The same friend who gave us the evil eye, she’s pretty cool.) Don’t be afraid to frame things that aren’t made to hang on the wall!
11) Sketch by Brooke, don’t be shy about displaying your own art. Everyone’s an artist in their own right and people will appreciate your work even if it isn’t as detailed as Brooke’s amazing little sketch is. I once framed a doodle of a robot on notebook paper!
12) Original screenprint by our friend of #7 and #10. One day we’ll have the money and walls to justify framing our larger pieces, but until now they are thumbtacked – which we kind of love.
13) A torn sheet from a magazine on that Brooke mailed me once because she knew that I really like owls. Again, frame the unframable – it’s fun!
14) Photograph of Brooke’s niece, a keepsake and conversation starter. Family is important, show folks that you know it!

Roasted Pork Carnitas

tacosAs you all probably know, we celebrate Tuesdays with tacos. Occasionally we like to branch out and make other Mexican favorites to break up the routine. This week we roasted pork all day in the crock-pot to achieve an awesome low maintenance dinner. A small boneless pork shoulder simmered on low for 6-8 hours in orange juice, garlic, poblano and bell peppers, as well as onions and veggie stock creates tender meat ready to top rice or be stuffed into shells. To make soft fried corn tortillas, heat a small amount of vegetable oil (about tsp) in a small frying pan. Then, fry each side of the shell until more yellow in color and can bend without breaking. For a more festive take on dinner, I chop all the topping and put them out as a “taco bar” so everyone gets a taco filled with exactly what they want. Try it for your next taco Tuesday!!

church of tarot: strength

I’ve been having a lot of fun doing these mini collective virtual readings. I suppose I ought to put it out there that I am not a professional anything and I am just reading for fun. I am also a beginner at tarot and have to look up just about every card before I explain it. So while I myself get a lot out of contemplating each card and it’s meaning in my life, and hope you do the same, if you are ever in need of real help please reach out to more capable hands to whom I am happy to reference you.

strengthStrength, another of the major arcana, depicts a woman dressed in white, the symbol of the pure-hearted and evolved part of you, lovingly approaching a wild beast, the beastial or unevolved part of you. Strength suggests what it takes to embrace yourself fully. Owning up to one’s immature qualities doesn’t have to mean letting them run wild, it can mean that the mature part of you guides it.

Some questions you might consider: Might a roaring lion be lying wait within you? What feelings are you trying to shut down? Where are you being called upon to walk your talk?

This is one of my favorite cards, what do you guys think?

What Going Gluten Free Has Done for Me

It’s been just over a year since I stopped eating gluten. The original reason I made the switch from wheat based flour to rice based flour was an article about the ways in which gluten can negatively impact someone with a thyroid disorder – which is something I have. I’ll leave the details of my personal health issues aside, except to mention briefly that going gluten free also cleared up a rash I had on my arms. That’s a little irrelevant to most people, so I’ll focus more on the overall benefits that I have discovered instead. There are two big reasons why I’ve stuck with it for so long and why I won’t be switching back.

The first reason is that I feel healthier. I don’t feel as sluggish and I’ve lost weight. My metabolism has sped up and it feels great. I can eat all day and never feel bloated. Wheat is a filler food, in large quantities it can be really bad for you. Brooke is a great example too because while she still eats gluten, she eats a lot less of it than she used to. We buy gluten free pastas, breads, and flours. She still eats gluten when she brings something home from the restaurant, buys something like granola bars with wheat in them, or of course, when she drinks a beer. She’s living the happy-medium lifestyle and has also lost a lot of weight. It may be lacking specificity, but all I can say is that I really and truly do feel healthier. There’s a lot of science behind it, and you can read books like Wheat Belly to find out more. Really though, I encourage you to give it a try. Don’t eat gluten for just two weeks and you’ll start to feel better, I promise.

The second thing that I really love about being gluten free is something that I thought I would hate. I finally conceded to my parents’ urging me to try giving up gluten in February of 2013. I had just received a whole slew of baking supplies for Christmas including the America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Cookbook and a brand new Fiestaware pie pan. I was so terrified that being gluten free would mean giving up baking. Or baking gross cardboard-ish deserts. Instead, I learned a lot. I started making my own flour blend and baking right from that book with it. Pie crusts turned out to be just as good gluten-free. Instead of baking less I started baking more because old favorites were new experiments. Almost everything turned out just as good and some things were even better. So if the fear of losing cookies, brownies, and pies is holding you back – you’ve lost your excuse. Remember how I said I lost a lot of weight? Well it certainly isn’t because I cut these things out, I eat them all the time. It’s the gluten guys.

Are you gluten free? I’d love to hear why! Leave a comment, share your story or fears or tell me why you’d never do it! I want to know!

get to know Brooke

We had so much fun sharing a little bit about Paige that we thought we’d interview Brooke too!


Why do you blog?

“It’s an excuse to get out into the community and participate in things I might not otherwise. It reminds me to take pictures of things too, which is nice. I like taking my own pictures for posts because I can make them look exactly how I want them to. It’s amazing that my phone can take such beautiful pictures!”

What brought you to #NWARK?

“I moved to Fayetteville in 2012 to be in a more lively city where I could further my career as a cook.”

What is your passion in life?

“Food, friends, and family.”

What was your favorite job ever?

“Working at my grandparents’ blueberry farm as a kid in Alabama. I liked it because they let me drive the gators and run the register at such a young age. I liked the independence.”

Who’s your family?

“Do you want a list? There’s a lot of them, too many to name.”

What TV show are you really into?

“I really like Bates Motel. It’s the prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and it shows Norman Bates’ teenage life leading up to the events of the movie. I like thrillers, and this one’s really well done.”

What’s your go-to snack?

“Cheese of any kind. If I didn’t live with [Paige] I would just bite it off the block.”

get to know Paige

As a blogger, I attend a monthly get-together of other local bloggers. It gets us antisocial folks out from behind our laptops and out into the world where we can meet each other. While we sometimes talk shop, usually the conversation is more personal. In an effort to bring some of that personal-ness to you, we have a quick set of Q&A’s with none other than, well, myself!


paigepaigeJacket: Silver, Lace Tank: Cato, Grey Cami: Pac Sun by Kirra, Purse: Target by Merona, Leggings: Walmart by Faded Glory, Shoes: Wanted

Get to know the girl behind the posts in this brief interview:

Why “lorrabeth”?

It’s my middle name. Literally. It’s a mash-up of Lorraine (my dad’s mom’s middle name) and Elizabeth (my mom’s sister’s middle name). The name was originally attributed to my etsy store, but eventually expanded as my interest expanded into blogging.

What brought you to #NWARK?

My parents moved me to Eureka Springs when I was in 7th grade to go to Clear Spring School (a small liberal private school). I moved to Conway to attend Hendrix College in 2008, and found my way back to Northwest Arkansas in 2011 when I transferred to the University of Arkansas. I love Fayetteville and have been settling more and more, so I’m not going anywhere else any time soon.

What is your passion in life?

Education. I’m in school to become a teacher, and believe that education is the best way to make positive change happen. While my blog does not feature much about formal education, I like to think that the bits of knowledge I share with the world make inklings of change and help people. You’ll see the influence though if you check out the names of my pinterest boards.

What was your favorite job ever?

I worked for three summers in a row at Girl Scout camps all around the state of Arkansas. It changed my life.

Who’s your family?

My mom and dad. They are incredibly creative, funny, intelligent, and I’m so grateful to have them in my life. In Fayetteville, I live with my beautiful girlfriend of four years who is also a blogger for lorrabeth. And, I have a stuffed dinosaur named Fred.

What’s your go-to snack?

Peanut butter. It could save your life, unless you are allergic to peanuts in which case it could kill you. Still, peanut butter.