my diy hula hoop

hoopThe hoop is made from a type of lightweight tubing called PEX. I was able to get a 10′ piece at my local Home Depot, which happened to be the exact length I needed (more on that in a second). We found a male to male connecter, used a hair dryer to loosen up both ends of the tube and pressed the connecter in which we then taped over for extra stability.

I then wrapped the hoop in black electrical tape, to give it some more fun. The hoop was really slippery though, and so I ordered some gaffer’s tape in teal which adds some grip to the hoop.

I mentioned in last week’s post that the hoop my mom had was not the right size for her. The right size hula hoop should, when standing on it’s end at your feet, reach your belly button – or near there. To find out how long the tubing needed to be we measured straight up from our feet to our belly buttons and used a bit of geometry to find the circumference of a circle with that diameter.

hoopMy mom’s needed to be 6″ shorter, so we used my dad’s pvc cutter to snip that off before making her one. We didn’t make my dad one, but his would have had to be 11.5′ in circumference.

church of tarot: death

deathThis week’s card, death, is one of the major arcana and represents: end, mortality, destruction, and corruption. Some questions to consider in regard to this card are: What are you afraid of letting go of? What dream is dying an untimely death? Are you contemplating the idea that death is a natural continuation of your soul’s development?

How does this card relate to you today or this week? Let us know in the comments!

hooping happiness

Nothing has been making me happier lately than hula hooping. I picked up the new hobby on a visit to my parents’ house where I dusted off my mom’s weighted hoop and gave it a try. In two days I’d mastered this trick:

As you can see, I’m in my parents’ yard with my mom’s old hoop. She never got it down because as we discovered this hoop is too big for her. The best size hoop is one that when upright at your feet reaches your belly button or close to it. After a bit of research my dad and I took a trip to home depot and grabbed the parts to make my own hoop.

A little over a week later I figured out how to hoop on my chest:


I finally ordered some grip tape, and got my hoop to be a bit less slippery! And just then I got the gap between my waist and my chest bridged a few days later.

Have you ever hula hooped, I mean as an adult? It’s so fun. It puts a smile on everyone’s face. Unless you are in the living room, in which case everyone seems very concerned that you might knock everything over. Which you might. But who cares? It’s so fun!

home made gluten free dry mixes


My parents have requested that I make them a variety of gluten free cookie mixes. I started with a layered oatmeal raisin mix that fit well into a large jar, but only when the recipe was halved. My next attempt was chocolate chip, and the above is what happened.. I had to use two jars.

So, I seem to be having trouble getting any of my mixes to fit into my mason jars. My frustration is that I want to use my own recipes, not those designed to fit into a jar.

I think perhaps I should just invest in some bigger jars.muffins

Until then… Here is my oat bran muffin mix not fitting in a jar.

Do you make these jar mixes? How do you get them to fit? Help!

music monday: ragtimified

Your guilty pleasures hipsterized:

If you haven’t already heard of Postmodern Jukebox you’ve probably been living under a rock. Welcome to the world outside of your rock home! They are actually about to go on tour, so if you like what you see check out their dates and see if they’ll be near you! I can’t imagine how fun this would be live!

diy business cards

I’m so excited to be sharing the details of my handmade business cards with you all today! I made these for local blogger meetups that I attend every so often. Below are a few of the designs I made recently, but what’s fun about a business card is that it can be anything you want it to be! My mom has a degree in graphic design and makes her own cards that are constantly evolving. It’s not like any one person ever gets multiples of your card, so it can totally change to fit your specific needs.

cardsI just used my sewing machine to stich some thick red thread across the cards. I sew, so it’s relevant to me. I’ve seen some really great diy cards with washi tape, watercolor, etc. Think about how you can incorporate your talents, business, etc. into your cards! Ps. you totally don’t have to have a business to have a card! Brooke’s great idea was to put your name on one side and leave the other side blank to write the contact info that you want to give out at that particular time. Sometimes your email and phone number are necessary, and other times you just want to give someone your twitter handle! For these cards I included my twitter handle, blog address, and etsy address. It seemed the most useful for other bloggers to see what I do and contact me.

I love how each one is a little bit different! Granted, if you were going to a larger conference, this would not be practical because I only make about 10 at a time. But really, at a smaller event or in every day life that’s all you need in your pocket!

If you make some, share the link in the comments! I would LOVE to see what you guys do with this tiny bit of inspiration!! Or, if you already have a really nifty card, handmade or not, share it with us! What’s on your card and why?

our love of tuesdays explained

Here at lorrabeth we really love tuesdays. Why you ask? Well we’re about to tell you!

Tuesday Flip Off

Tuesday is our most favorite day of the week. Tuesdays come with tacos, The Tuesday Show (more on what this is to follow), and the radio plays two-for-tuesdays. There’s just nothing bad about a Tuesday, ever.

On our love of tacos: Almost every tuesday we make tacos. We fry our own shells, heat black beans, season chicken (sometimes), grate cheese, chop onion, slice lettuce, cube avocado, open black olives, scoop greek yogurt, and pile on the salsa. We’re pretty sure our tacos are the best tacos in the world. And so, Taco Tuesday is born. Sometimes we have a crowd over to share, make margaretas, and share. Other times we’re greedy and we just eat all of our taco goodness ourselves!

On the Tuesday Show: For a long time now, but not consistently, Paige has created small videos called, The Tuesday Show. Sometimes they are like vlogs, other times they are of a party or whole weekend, and they always include a weather report of that Tuesday’s weather. In recent years we have done a live version of the Tuesday Show through video conferencing sites followed by a recorded “What You Missed” episode of the Tuesday Show Live. Here’s our first ever wrap-up of the first Tuesday Show Live.


On “Two for Tuesday”: Who doesn’t get excited when they hear “It’s twofer Tuesday, here’s two by Led Zeppelin!”?