#NWAR Musicians: The Farmer & the Markets

farmer & the markets

The Farmer & The Markets’ first incarnation was as an informal, un-named trio playing at the Fayetteville farmers market consisting of Jackson, Philip, and friend Landon in the Summer of 2010. In 2011, the band regrouped and established their current lineup, rebranding as Farmer & The Markets. After a successful 2011 season playing the Farmers Market and Lights of The Ozarks, Farmer & the Markets broadened their horizons in 2012 and continued to expand and innovate their sound, as well as bringing theirmusic to a wider audience by expanding to the Bentonville Farmers Market and playing numerous events throughout the year, including the 2nd annual Block St. Block Party (they’ll be playing at the 3rd annual this May 2014), the Fayetteville Roots Festival, and Lights of the Ozarks. The band had a successful 2013, playing numerous public and private events around the Northwest Arkansas region. Yesterday, the band announced the release of their debut album out now and available anywhere the band is playing. It features all of the classic covers the band is known for (Devo’s Whip It is among my favorites). In addition, the band continues to play numerous events around the area. Check out their Facebook page often to see where we’ll be playing next!

Local Spotlight: Pedal Pops

Brooke and I tried our first pedal pops at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Brooke’s was a spicy-Thai-mocha and mine was pineapple-something. (Sorry, not a great memory here.) They are made from raw, natural ingredients so if you’re looking for sticky sweet they aren’t what you’ll like. But if you like unique flavors, the real taste of real fruit, and chilling out on a hot day then they are definitely for you. This northwest Arkansas Popsicle vendor is the epitome of the Fayetteville vibe. The business actually has a cargo bike with a Popsicle cooler on it and though it’s usually stationary at the farmer’s market and other similar events, it can and has gone out on the trails. Sadly, the owner is moving to China soon so the business is up for sale and so far there aren’t any takers. We’ll be sad to see this one go and recommend that you grab yourself some Popsicle before it’s too late! You can follow pedal pops on twitter, or like them on facebook to keep up with where they’ll be and when.

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