You may have noticed, if you follow us on twitter or instagram, that we’ve moved house. We’re having our housewarming party this evening, but we have so many friends who live too far away to come see our new house in person. So, we’ve made a little video! Check it out!

refrigerator pickles

My mom taught me how to make refrigerator pickles several years ago when her garden exploded with cucumbers. We made a huge jar of them and ate them all summer. So when I found these adorable little sweet gherkins at the farmer’s market last weekend, I had to have them. Despite the fact that they are in canning jars, they are not canned. They won’t last more than a few weeks because they just keep getting more and more vinegary.


Want to make your own? It’s super simple. All you need is:

1 part water
1 part white vinegar
pepper corns
a dash of salt
a teaspoon of sugar for every 2 cups of liquid

Any kind of cucumber will do, and you can cut them any way you like! Just wash and chop your cucumbers, stick them in the jar with everything else. Shake it up and stick it in the fridge. They will be ready in about 4 days and should keep for about a week after that or longer depending on your preference for vinegar!

Also, I sanitized my jars (by dipping them in a pot of boiling water for about half a minute each), but only because I use them all the time and felt like they needed it if they were going to sit in the fridge for a month.

mudroom madness

Why do all of the mudrooms in magazines have those big cabinets with hooks and drawers and stuff? My mudroom is all windows and I am grateful that it’s just a lot of empty space. It’s a nice place to walk into instead of a place full of everyone’s clutter. I’m sure over time it will grow to more cluttered, but for now this is it.

my diy calendar

I made this calendar during my freshman year of college (a lot of years ago) and used it for a couple of years. It evolved a lot over that time, and I added some fresh numbers last week when I resurrected it from the zipper-bag it’s lived in since I stopped using it. Getting my first iPhone made the whole thing kind of obsolete, iCal was in my pocket so why bother with the wall? But now that there’s two of us in the household it’s super helpful to put things that are going on up somewhere for Brooke to be reminded of. It’s super nice to be able to see a full month at once even if that means half of the weeks are in one month and half are in the other and it’s all made by me so if I don’t like something I can just print or create a new number! What do you think? Is this the kind of calendar you would use? What’s your non-tech choice for keeping up with dates? How do you communicate what’s going on with your partner/family?

my yellow rose bush has a name!

I had a really great twitter moment this week! Brooke and I moved into a new house (in case you didn’t see the bazillion tweets and instagrams of our #newhouse already). The house has this AMAZING yellow rosebush in the side yard that has been in full bloom since we moved in. On twitter the other night I stumbled across a tweet from @RedneckRosarian with a picture of a yellow rose bush attached.


Super perfect because it’s planted right outside the back door from the kitchen and by our little kitchen garden.

yellow roses

Do you have roses? Do you know what they’re called? Ask the redneck rosarian!

fiesta para padre

Brooke and I made my dad dinner for father’s day to thank him for helping us move, unclogging our bathtub, loaning us his truck for a music festival, driving us to and from said festival, weed-eating our entire yard, buying us gatorade, and other general dad amazingness that has kept us incredibly spoiled the past couple months. Enchiladas are his favorite food, so naturally we made the event a fiesta!

I rode my bike to a little Mexican market on School Ave. called El Amanecer Market to get what we needed. They had everything from fresh produce to sweetened condensed milk and finishing touches like sugary sodas and a loteria game to give to my dad and play!

In addition to enchiladas, I made tres leches cake and mexican chocolate pudding. It was a filling feast and our first time entertaining in our new home!

pudding tablesettings fiesta One of the best parts was tasting all of the Mexican soda’s flavors. The coke was like I imagine doing coke feels. Nobody needs that much sugar and nobody needs that much sugar with added caffeine! But it was fun!


My most recent favorite dad moment was walking up to meet my parents when they picked us up from Wakarusa. The smile on my dad’s face was so genuine. I just love him!