a traveler’s guide

I made this cute little guide book for a trip went on a couple of days ago. It’s just a stack of 3×5 cards with different things I wanted to be sure and check out while I was there. I digitized it into a little book to share here, but the paper copy is pretty gosh darn cute itself!

Now that I’m back from my trip, I’ve printed pictures to go with each card and used double sided tape to stick them to the backs of each card (the cards were all one sided, which my flip book above does not demonstrate well). Below is a quick instagram of each page with photos and binding. Pretty cute eh? I love how we used the book to remember what we wanted to do and where each of those things were and then it turned into a sort of scrapbook/keepsake when we threw the pictures in there!

How do you plan the things you want to see and do when you travel? Do you write them down somewhere? Next time you should make yourself a little personalized guide book!