church of tarot: nine of pentacles

nine of pentaclesThe Nine of Pentacles portrays an elegantly dressed woman holding a bird. This bird symbolizes that an opportunity to fly off and explore other ways of living and seeing the world – perhaps a spiritual journey – is at hand. She stands in the middle of a prospering and protected garden suggesting that time and energy spent amassing material possessions could be coming to a close for now.

Some questions to consider might be: Are you experiencing material fulfillment but lacking spiritual fulfillment? Would you like to fly away from worldly concerns? What are you sacrificing for success?

church of tarot: the tower (reversed)


The Tower is one of the major arcana cards of which there are 22. It represents misery, distress, ruin, indigence, adversity, calamity, discrace, deception. Because it is reversed, or upside down, the card holds a slightly different meaning. According to one account, the same in a lesser degree, also oppression, imprisonment, and tyrrany.

This card is one of the most unhappy cards in the deck, and one of the few that does not become much better upon it’s reversal.

I hope that you’re all staying strong through your ‘towery’ times, please share!

introducing the floppy bifold wallet

walletWe’ve made a fresh batch of our signature floppy bifold wallets for tomorrow’s make festival in Basin Spring Park in Eureka Springs, AR. If you live nearby, come check us out in person! walletThese wallets are simple, and are perfect for holding anything from cards and cash to keys and change.

walletTheir design keeps loose change, hair pins, and anything else you’ve stuffed in from falling out when in your bag or pocket.

walletAvailable in all of the above designs at tomorrow’s festival. We’ll also have all of our new badge designs, a custom tent on display, and our favorite woodworker! See you there!

a fresh batch of badges

badgesI made this new batch of badges for my table at the August 23rd fun after 5 ‘Makers Music Fest’ in Basin Spring Park in Eureka Springs, AR. I’m loving the puff-balls and Brooke’s favorite is the red star one. Come pick your favorite at the event next Friday!

We should have our custom tent out, and I should be sharing a table with the amazing woodworker behind Sticks and Stones who builds the frames for our tents (aka, my dad). This is going to be a really fun, family friendly event, so come play with us on the 23rd!

a traveler’s guide

I made this cute little guide book for a trip went on a couple of days ago. It’s just a stack of 3×5 cards with different things I wanted to be sure and check out while I was there. I digitized it into a little book to share here, but the paper copy is pretty gosh darn cute itself!

Now that I’m back from my trip, I’ve printed pictures to go with each card and used double sided tape to stick them to the backs of each card (the cards were all one sided, which my flip book above does not demonstrate well). Below is a quick instagram of each page with photos and binding. Pretty cute eh? I love how we used the book to remember what we wanted to do and where each of those things were and then it turned into a sort of scrapbook/keepsake when we threw the pictures in there!

How do you plan the things you want to see and do when you travel? Do you write them down somewhere? Next time you should make yourself a little personalized guide book!

introducing the stringy bracelet of friendship

braceletThese fun stringy bracelets are so simple to make, and are a super cute way to tell the world that you’re crafty (it’s the rik-rak).
braceletMake your own for yourself and your friends by cutting bits of string, yarn, trimming, etc. about the length of three times around your wrist. Double them over and tie a knot, forming a loop, at the doubled over end. Tie a knot in the loose end and slip it through the loop.

Did you make one? Share it with us with a link to your photo wherever you’ve posted it in the comments, we’d love to see your handiwork!
braceletOr, if you don’t happen to have a drawer full of doo-dads, skip all of the work and buy some of the super cute combos we’ve already made here.