2018 Make Nine



This year I’m diving into my sewing goals with an easy, flexible list of nine things I want to make. If you follow my instagram stories you may have seen my list already. These are the things on the list:

  1. A separates dress just like this one. I love that the two pieces work together to make a really seamless dress-like look, but could also be worn as separates. The exciting thing about this is that it’s breastfeeding friendly, so I can make it and wear it now. (I have SO many dresses packed away.)
  2. A backpack with straps on the bottom to attach a rolled up blanket. When Henry and I go on outdoor adventures it’s nice to have a blanket to sit down on wherever we are, so I need a good bag to carry that can hold our snacks and blanket without getting lumpy and bulky. I don’t have a pattern in mind for this yet, so if you know of a good one let me know!
  3. V-neck t-shirts for the whole family! For Christmas I made Casey and Henry matching shirts with the promise that there would be more to come. Now we just have to hunt for the next excellent fabric to make them in! I’m thinking of branching out of knits into some linen blends.
  4. A swim suit is actually first on my list because we have a beach trip coming up and I don’t have one that fits me. I bought my pattern (Butterick 4526) and ordered my fabric this week, so I am on track to get this one done soon.
  5. More shorts! I had a lot of shorts making success last summer, and want to delve into shorts with a zipper instead of just elastic waistbands. It will be a good step toward pants with half of the fit issues to worry about.
  6. A rash guard for Henry was on my list but I’ve already found and ordered one on thred up and have nixed it from the list. Don’t worry, I’ve already made something to replace it!
  7. Leggings are my uniform. I have two new pairs that fit well, but I just know that by the end of the year they will be well worn and I’ll need a new pair. So sewing my own is going to be something I have to figure out.
  8. Overalls are kind of the same story. I have a pair that are fading fast. I like that getting a good fit is less complicated than with pants because of the looser fit. This is the biggest most challenging part of my list, but I think I can do it!
  9. I need a new sweatshirt. I have several that are super worn and should be gotten rid of. I need to make some replacements first though!


I’m challenging myself to avoid buying any new clothing this year. I want to make and or purchase second hand clothing only. (Except for socks!)

DIY Reusable Cloth Cleaning Wipes

In my ever-growing desire to be more and more waste free, I have found an excellent reusable solution for yet another disposable that I thought I couldn’t live without. The disposable was: the clorox wipe. They are so extremely convenient and good at what they do! I used them all over the house to wipe up small messes. But then, I threw them away! Ugh. For a month or so, we’ve been trying out using reusable cloth wipes instead. And it turns out, they aren’t just as good – they’re even better!

the containerHere’s how it works; I’ve got a clear plastic container with a watertight seal. I really wanted something that it wasn’t gross to reach down into the bottom of. Clorox wipes that lost their little catcher to hold them up at the top were always a nuisance, and these cloth wipes wouldn’t work that way anyway, so I knew I’d need something I could put my hand in to the bottom of comfortably. We just had one of these around already, but I am making a set for my mom and found the same container at Walmart.

DIY Cloth Cleaning WipesIn the container, I fold up a bunch of squares of fabric that I’ve hemmed the edges of. I used an old painters cloth that I had laying around because I thought the durability would be nice when scrubbing the counters or sink. It’s turned out to be excellent fabric for the job, but if you peruse the rest of the blogosphere you’ll find people who use old t-shirts, cotton, and all kinds of other fabrics. The squares are cut to about 8 or 9 inches. It was important to me that the square be at least as big as my spread flat hand so when I’m wiping up sticky messes I don’t have to touch the sticky-ness. I used a serger to hem the edges of mine, but any kind of hem will do. If you do go with a regular zig-zag stitch on this kind of fabric, make sure it’s tight. These tended to fray a lot before I gave them a proper hem.

DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes

With the wipes in the container, I add a small amount of a multi-surface cleaning concentrate. Right now I have Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in honeysuckle scent, but Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile soap would work, as would plain old white vinegar. It just takes a little, and then I add enough water to moisten all of the wipes and dilute the soap.

Now the wipes are ready to be used! They are especially nice because you can shake crumbs out in the sink and give them a rinse and keep going. Once you’re done with a wipe, just add it to your laundry pile. I wash mine along with my towels, but they could go in any load. As they come out of the wash, I’ve been stacking them in a little container. It turns out they are kind of nice to have on hand dry too! You can use them to dust, or wash windows, and for other stuff you might do with other kinds of cleaners. When the wet ones are all used up, I throw the stack of what’s clean in the plastic container and start over. You could also just put the clean ones right in the container and keep it going that way, adding water and surface cleaner as needed.


Do you have reusable cleaning wipes in your home? Any pro-tips? Are you dead set on clorox wipes? Would you give these a try?