Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers - Now OpenOn Sunday I got the opportunity to attend a sneak peek lunch at Fayetteville’s newest grocery store. Colorado based Natural Grocers will compliment Fayetteville’s existing and coming options for healthy grocery shopping experiences.  The store focuses on science based health and nutrition practices. I was really impressed with the staff’s knowledge of various diets and nutrition from a truly scientific background.  We heard all about the store’s beginnings in Golden, CO and their dedication to health.  They explained their policies and practices in their fabulous little (reservable) meeting space in the front of the store.

natural grocers talkThe thing that has me sold, aside from lower prices, is the list of things the store won’t sell. It’s amazing being in a store where you literally don’t have to read any labels.  Grocery shopping takes me ages because I’m constantly checking the ingredient list for things I don’t want in my food (MSG, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) – at this store, you don’t have to do that!

I giggled, because they don’t provide grocery bags (though they do have boxes in case you forget your bags like I always do).

Things I’m stoked about them carrying: store brand granola at affordable prices, house made peanut and almond butter, organic apple varieties I’ve never even heard of. What has you excited about the new grocery store option?!