#NWAR Musicians: The Farmer & the Markets

farmer & the markets

The Farmer & The Markets’ first incarnation was as an informal, un-named trio playing at the Fayetteville farmers market consisting of Jackson, Philip, and friend Landon in the Summer of 2010. In 2011, the band regrouped and established their current lineup, rebranding as Farmer & The Markets. After a successful 2011 season playing the Farmers Market and Lights of The Ozarks, Farmer & the Markets broadened their horizons in 2012 and continued to expand and innovate their sound, as well as bringing theirmusic to a wider audience by expanding to the Bentonville Farmers Market and playing numerous events throughout the year, including the 2nd annual Block St. Block Party (they’ll be playing at the 3rd annual this May 2014), the Fayetteville Roots Festival, and Lights of the Ozarks. The band had a successful 2013, playing numerous public and private events around the Northwest Arkansas region. Yesterday, the band announced the release of their debut album out now and available anywhere the band is playing. It features all of the classic covers the band is known for (Devo’s Whip It is among my favorites). In addition, the band continues to play numerous events around the area. Check out their Facebook page often to see where we’ll be playing next!

local band highlight: arkansauce

I couldn’t help but smile all the way through arkansauce‘s show the other night. The music was great, but that’s not why. It was the following of fans that the band has cultivated. There were young guys singing along to every song, duos of girls dancing in front of the stage, it was a beautiful thing. Arkansauce’s local love is charming, and contagious.

If you don’t already follow us on instagram, you should, but also we took pictures:

The bearded fellow is a friend of ours, and this was regrettably the first time we’ve made it out to one of his shows. We’re super glad we did, and will definitely do it again because they rock!

That bass is so cool! It reminded us of Ben Miller Band (who we wrote about recently during the Ozark Mountain Music Festival). Their bass is a washbasin, a wooden pole, and a single weedeater string. So, this one’s a bit fancier, but similar!

If you haven’t seen this handsome foursome of incredibly talented musicians, we really recommend that you check them out. Especially if you’re in their hometown!

vampire weekend at the AMP

vampire weekendMy view is not quite the same as most, but I could still hear every word – and that’s what counts. I’ve been known to join the little crowds behind the AMP on the bike trail when there’s a show going on. Some people bring coolers, or chairs. But I just lean on my bike and groove. (Sometimes I bring cookies.)

A couple of weeks ago Vampire Weekend was in town. You can’t really take a picture of music … case in point above, but it was pretty incredible. I heard a lot about them on NPR when their new album came out in May. Until then, I had kind of written them off as one of those ’emo’ bands from High School with Death Cab and other more embarrasing bands. But I really like their new album, it has a fresh feel while retaining their own style and sound.

If you get the chance, go see them! Loiter outside like I did, or you know, pay money… their backdrop was beautiful (I saw pictures later) – though it kind of blocked my view.

music monday: farmer’s market musicians

On Saturday we rode our bikes up to the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market on the square and found three super great local musicians gracing the crowd with their talent.

farmer's marketThere was this cowboy (above) playing Hank Williams Sr.’s “Your Cheatin’ Heart” which is a favorite of Brooke’s. I like it because it’s easy to play on my ukulele. We did a little jig as we passed him and were on to the next corner where these three (below) were playing smooth jazz! They were Brooke’s favorite becuase, well it’s a three piece band, on the street.

farmer's marketLastly, was this firecracker playing reggae with nothing but his little guitar that is so worn down it has a hole in it. He was my favorite, but I have a soft spot for dreadlocks and skateboarders.

farmer's marketCowboyWhat kind of music is there at your local farmer’s market? Have you ever thought about popping out with your guitar and singing to the world? If so, we think you’re super brave and we’d love to hear about your experiences!