local band highlight: arkansauce

I couldn’t help but smile all the way through arkansauce‘s show the other night. The music was great, but that’s not why. It was the following of fans that the band has cultivated. There were young guys singing along to every song, duos of girls dancing in front of the stage, it was a beautiful thing. Arkansauce’s local love is charming, and contagious.

If you don’t already follow us on instagram, you should, but also we took pictures:

The bearded fellow is a friend of ours, and this was regrettably the first time we’ve made it out to one of his shows. We’re super glad we did, and will definitely do it again because they rock!

That bass is so cool! It reminded us of Ben Miller Band (who we wrote about recently during the Ozark Mountain Music Festival). Their bass is a washbasin, a wooden pole, and a single weedeater string. So, this one’s a bit fancier, but similar!

If you haven’t seen this handsome foursome of incredibly talented musicians, we really recommend that you check them out. Especially if you’re in their hometown!

Camping at Withrow Springs State Park

I have a new favorite campground. Withrow Springs State Park is a little under an hour from our apartment in central Fayetteville, AR but it’s totally worth the drive.

withrow springsWe camped on December 1st and ended up having the whole campground to ourselves. It was a bit scary in the middle of the night when we met a scavenging possom and had to scare him off with sparklers and dancing (shh, don’t tell the ranger we had fireworks!). We went to celebrate Brooke’s birthday, but you’re going to see a lot of camping posts in the future because it’s our New Years resolution to camp once a month for the whole year.

campingOne of the most fun parts of the trip was that we cooked everything we ate over our wood fire. My dad chopped us a bunch of logs and collected two big bundles of sticks for us. I made some girl scout style firestarters and we were set. On the left up there is our potatoes just after I pulled them off of the fire to scoop them into our potato salad bowl. The other things we made were: bratworst, yellow cake (from scratch! over a fire!), and bacon and eggs. Then of course there were the morning s’mores you can see me making in the middle, above.

campingWe had tons of fun camping and I can’t wait to go again in January (even though it’s going to be pretty chilly!).

The Little Craft Show 2013

Today I volunteered at the Little Craft Show. It took me an hour to walk there and an hour to trek back, leaving me completely exhausted. But after a long nap and plenty of snacks, I’m refreshed and here to tell you that it was well worth the journey. If you didn’t make it this year, watch out for it next year becuase it just gets bigger and better every time. I literally heard a woman say that she got all of her Christmas presents at it. It’s that good.


Hawaiian Brians: Resturaunt Review


hawaiiThe “Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken” with Pineapple Coleslaw substituted for Macaroni Salad.
hawaiiThe “Kalua Pig”.

I rate this local joint as mediocre. The environment is a little lacking, but I don’t go to restaurants for the scenery! The food is so juicy and tender that it almost reminds me of Grandma’s house (except for that she can’t cook Hawaiian style food). The Kalua Pig dish featured some of the best roasted pork I have ever eaten! The pork was just melt in your mouth tender. The Shoyu Chicken dish is composed of boneless chicken thighs slow braised in the secret Shoyu sauce (which I’m pretty sure is a blend of soy sauce, pineapple juice, and something else I can’t put my finger on); this gave the chicken a tender flavorful finish. While the meats on each of these plates were extraordinarily good, the side dishes were bland. I would suggest doubling up on meat and steamed rice! Even though I didn’t care for the sides, I will definitely venture back to Hawaiian Brian’s soon!

P.S-They serve breakfast as well! If you’re into Spam and eggs, you’ll love it. If not, you should definitely give their lunch a try at least once!

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welcome to the pumpkin patch

You can stop searching, Dickey Farms is the only place to go for pumpkins in Northwest Arkansas. They grow a bazillion varieties and each one is unique, beautiful, and some are even delicious!

pumpkinThis is our load from last year, but we’re gearing up to go again. Maybe even more than once! Aren’t they absolutely beautiful?


music monday: farmer’s market musicians

On Saturday we rode our bikes up to the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market on the square and found three super great local musicians gracing the crowd with their talent.

farmer's marketThere was this cowboy (above) playing Hank Williams Sr.’s “Your Cheatin’ Heart” which is a favorite of Brooke’s. I like it because it’s easy to play on my ukulele. We did a little jig as we passed him and were on to the next corner where these three (below) were playing smooth jazz! They were Brooke’s favorite becuase, well it’s a three piece band, on the street.

farmer's marketLastly, was this firecracker playing reggae with nothing but his little guitar that is so worn down it has a hole in it. He was my favorite, but I have a soft spot for dreadlocks and skateboarders.

farmer's marketCowboyWhat kind of music is there at your local farmer’s market? Have you ever thought about popping out with your guitar and singing to the world? If so, we think you’re super brave and we’d love to hear about your experiences!