Church of Tarot: Hermit


The Hermit represents prudence, also and especially treason, dissimulation, corruption, and roguery.

Some questions to consider are: Could you enjoy withdrawing from the world? What wisdom are you sharing with the world? Are you finally realizing that there are as many paths to higher consciousness as there are people?

How does the Hermit relate to your present life? Share with us and we’ll share with you!

church of tarot: wheel of fortune

wheel of fortuneThe Wheel of Fortune card is one of the luckiest cards in the tarot deck!! It depicts a wheel surrounded by many mystical archetypes. The sphinx, known in tarot as the guardian of mysteries, sits atop the wheel watching the never-ending cycle of creation-birth, life, death, and rebirth; this suggests that the creature has developed witness consciousness or the ability to stay calm and bear perspective in the midst of life running its course. Anubis, a jackal-headed underworld guardian, is also shown to remind us that while dark times are a natural part of the life cycle, divinity is always along side you. The serpent of knowledge alludes that the ups and downs of life will ultimately bring one better knowledge of one’s self.

In short, this card represents: Destiny, fortune, success, luck, and felicity.

Some questions to keep in mind when this card comes up:

  • What opportunity is at hand?
  • Might you benefit from stepping outside a situation, to watch and wait rather than getting involved?
  • Are you experiencing repercussions of some action?
  • Are you resistant to being where you are?
  • How are you remaining centered during times of upheaval?

welcome to lorrabeth videos

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costumes of Halloween 2013

This fashion friday we bring you the many costumes of our Halloween week. That’s right, we don’t just dress up once, we dress up a lot!

For party 1, a house party where a friend was DJing, I wore all black and this $3 cat mask. Super simple, and perfect for the party which had people in full out costume and people in no costume at all. Also the police came (just to tell everyone to quiet down and go inside) and I was really glad that I was not the girl in the sexy nurse costume.


My mermaid costume. I made the shiny bits. It was a pain in the ass, and the ass was lopsided. Not my favorite costume of the year, but I did make it myself. You can see the sparkles I glued to my face, which really make the whole thing in the next picture.


These were actually little jewel stickers that I found at Joann’s. They are definitely not made for faces, but they stuck to my face all night and came off easy when I was done being a mermaid.


Then there’s Brooke’s super scary realistic makeup for Halloween night.


Last but not least, zombified birthday party guests! My mom and I participated in the 2nd annual Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl this year because last year was so much fun! We went with a theme this year, and it was super fun!


My mom and I in our zombie makeup. We’re more into being super cute than super scary, as you can see.



october barscape

barIMG_4858We tidied up for October. The whiskey’s set out, there’s photo props to play with, and a fall-ful color scheme. What do you think? Just missing some candy and a pumpkin, eh?