church of tarot: eight of swords

This week’s card is the Eight of Swords. That’s three from the swords this month! Swords represent the element of air and call for an exploration of your emotional and imaginative self: emotional responses, reactions, and impulses; feelings; psychic and emotional sensitivity; dreams; fantasies; passions and desires; impressionability; and creative self expression.

eight of swords

The eight of swords itself represents: bad news, violence, crisis, censure, power, conflict, and sickness. Not a happy card, but when this card comes up I like to remind those I am reading for that these things might not be coming for you, but perhaps for someone else. In a one card reading there is a little more ambiguity as to where the card’s meanings will settle, which can be reassuring when cards like these come up.

Some questions to consider might be: Are you aware or unaware of options open to you? (There are always options.) Do you think that you don’t fit in? How might you be responsible for your position?