church of tarot: five of wands

Brooke and I have been pulling one card from our tarot deck every day or so. I’m not a particularly superstitious or spiritual person, but I like tarot because it can draw your attention to an aspect of your life that you have been ignoring. I’m also a descendent of Hungarian gypsies, or so my mother tells me. So it’s in my blood!

Also, as a side note, I made my own tarot deck. Refusing to buy me a deck because it was something I could make myself was one of the best gifts my dad ever got me. All of the art is by me.

We’ve done bigger spreads, which can definitely reveal more, but the one card reading is nice for the day to day. So I thought I’d bring that to you all. Every Sunday I’ll pull a card and share it’s meaning. Today’s card is:

five of wands

The Five of Wands portrays a group of youths in mimic warfare. The card represents: imitation, sham fight, competition after riches and fortune, the game of life, conflicting interests. Things to think upon might be: Are you seeking to impose your will on others? Why can’t you compromise? Where is leadership needed or being fought against?

Feel free to share how this applies to you in your life, I’d love to hear your interpretation!