church of tarot: strength

I’ve been having a lot of fun doing these mini collective virtual readings. I suppose I ought to put it out there that I am not a professional anything and I am just reading for fun. I am also a beginner at tarot and have to look up just about every card before I explain it. So while I myself get a lot out of contemplating each card and it’s meaning in my life, and hope you do the same, if you are ever in need of real help please reach out to more capable hands to whom I am happy to reference you.

strengthStrength, another of the major arcana, depicts a woman dressed in white, the symbol of the pure-hearted and evolved part of you, lovingly approaching a wild beast, the beastial or unevolved part of you. Strength suggests what it takes to embrace yourself fully. Owning up to one’s immature qualities doesn’t have to mean letting them run wild, it can mean that the mature part of you guides it.

Some questions you might consider: Might a roaring lion be lying wait within you? What feelings are you trying to shut down? Where are you being called upon to walk your talk?

This is one of my favorite cards, what do you guys think?