doing sunday morning right

brunchI don’t know if words are necessary here. This is what every Sunday morning should look like. The things I love most about this moment (which was actually last Sunday):

  1. That milk. It’s from a local farm and is sold in non-walmart grocery stores like Harps. There is no better tasting milk on the shelves. None. Plus, the refundable glass bottle makes it ever so charming.
  2. Fiestaware. I got this new set of poppy dishes for christmas (thanks mom!) and they are making the dreary weather so much more cheerful. You don’t know how much you need the color orange in your life until it’s there! Plus, how cute are those mismatched flatware?
  3. Bicycle Times. I am a sucker for print magazines. I have an ipad, I can delve into the world of all things media there, but there’s something special about a magazine. Plus, I love my bike and it’s too cold for a joyride, so the pictures of dreamy bicycle adventures in faraway countries will have to appease me for now.