gallery wall – our living room


I’m so excited to be sharing this glimpse of our tiny apartment. I’ve lived here for about two years now, and it’s a constantly evolving space. Things changed a lot when Brooke moved in last year, and our styles blended. Above is one wall in our living room. I’ll do my best to curate, but if you have questions about anything I’ve left out, don’t hesitate to ask! Today we’re focusing in on our gallery wall. Pretty much everyone who comes into our home comments on how great it is, so we figured our readers would appreciate it too!

Gallery walls are a heated topic for some. People love them and people hate them. But folks commenting on apartment therapy can get riled up about just about anything. A good gallery wall grows, but not from any specific point. I think ours started with the duck print, though it’s hard to remember as I’m constantly moving the art around in our home.

art1) Photograph of Brooke playing softball, we like having personal photographs as conversation starters.
2) Photograph of brooke’s softball team, again a fun conversation starter and a keepsake.
3) A big bot poster from a NWA roller derby bout, never be afraid to steal a poster from a community bullitan board or nearby telephone pole! but be cool, and wait until the event is over.
4) Ink and acrylic, over a pencil drawing that was a final project for an art class I took at Hendrix College. This big piece helps to draw everything together and fill the large space.
5) Charcoal portrait of Lil Wayne, Brooke recieved this as a gift from a close friend of ours. Don’t be afraid to ask someone you know to make you something if you aren’t able to yourself!
6) Series of three photographs from Brooke’s High School graduation, again a keepsake and conversation starter.
7) Evil eye, a gift from a friend who had traveled to Germany. We have recieved many of these from friends traveling and the metal above this one makes it my favorite. They are said to ward off bad energy, if your into that kind of stuff. I just think it’s beautiful.
8) Nameplate from my family’s Datsun B210. This and the evil eye add texture to the display.
9) Photograph of my mom, Brooke, and I. Again, we really like to mix in personal photographs which can be too much on their own, but are fun with art all around.
10) A handmade mixed media card from a friend. (The same friend who gave us the evil eye, she’s pretty cool.) Don’t be afraid to frame things that aren’t made to hang on the wall!
11) Sketch by Brooke, don’t be shy about displaying your own art. Everyone’s an artist in their own right and people will appreciate your work even if it isn’t as detailed as Brooke’s amazing little sketch is. I once framed a doodle of a robot on notebook paper!
12) Original screenprint by our friend of #7 and #10. One day we’ll have the money and walls to justify framing our larger pieces, but until now they are thumbtacked – which we kind of love.
13) A torn sheet from a magazine on that Brooke mailed me once because she knew that I really like owls. Again, frame the unframable – it’s fun!
14) Photograph of Brooke’s niece, a keepsake and conversation starter. Family is important, show folks that you know it!