Happy Vintage Valentine’s!

Valentine’s day is so steeped in myth and legend that is nearly impossible to find out the true story of St. Valentine. While the trek was difficult, I have scoured the web in order to relay the history (or legend) of the holiday.

Firstly, there are many St. Valentines in the history of Christendom; those celebrated on February 14th are Valentine of Rome (AD 496) as well as Valentine of Terni (AD 197). Legend has it that Valentine of Rome was arrested for performing marriages for Pagan soldiers; he was persecuted by Roman Emperor Claudius II after trying to persuade the emperor to convert to Christianity during his jail time. The legend goes on to say that Valentine performed a miracle that cured his jailor’s daughter, Julia, of her blindness before his execution. Lore also states that the night before Valentine’s execution, he wrote a letter to the jailor’s no longer blind daughter, Julia, signing the card “Your Valentine” making the first Valentine card. Valentine’s Day is often associated with the  Roman Lupercalia, an archaic rite associated with fertility, celebrated February 13th-14th and is seen as the beginning of spring renewal.

I love vintage Valentine’s cards! The situations and sayings are so corny and cute! Here are a few of my favorites. Use these to inspire yourself to make your own corny/cute cards.