our love of tuesdays explained

Here at lorrabeth we really love tuesdays. Why you ask? Well we’re about to tell you!

Tuesday Flip Off

Tuesday is our most favorite day of the week. Tuesdays come with tacos, The Tuesday Show (more on what this is to follow), and the radio plays two-for-tuesdays. There’s just nothing bad about a Tuesday, ever.

On our love of tacos: Almost every tuesday we make tacos. We fry our own shells, heat black beans, season chicken (sometimes), grate cheese, chop onion, slice lettuce, cube avocado, open black olives, scoop greek yogurt, and pile on the salsa. We’re pretty sure our tacos are the best tacos in the world. And so, Taco Tuesday is born. Sometimes we have a crowd over to share, make margaretas, and share. Other times we’re greedy and we just eat all of our taco goodness ourselves!

On the Tuesday Show: For a long time now, but not consistently, Paige has created small videos called, The Tuesday Show. Sometimes they are like vlogs, other times they are of a party or whole weekend, and they always include a weather report of that Tuesday’s weather. In recent years we have done a live version of the Tuesday Show through video conferencing sites followed by a recorded “What You Missed” episode of the Tuesday Show Live. Here’s our first ever wrap-up of the first Tuesday Show Live.


On “Two for Tuesday”: Who doesn’t get excited when they hear “It’s twofer Tuesday, here’s two by Led Zeppelin!”?