OzMoMuFest Bucket List

Are you headed to Eureka Springs, AR for the Ozark Mountain Music Festival this weekend? Already there? Bonus points for beating me to it! Don’t know what it is? Oh no! Check this out: OzMoMuFest. Ok, now we’re set to get to the list! I’m here to share my top 10 things you need to do while in Eureka Springs during OzMoMuFest.


  1. Dance! You’re at a festival! Get up on that dance floor and move your body! I promise, you’ll have the most fun if you do.
  2. Have your poster signed by the bands! Grab a festival poster from the merch. table and don’t be shy! The bands are all festival attendees too. This festival is intimate enough that you will feel totally comfortable engaging with band members before and after their sets.
  3. Take a selfie with a band member. Once again, the setting’s super chill. Take advantage!
  4. Explore the springs! Find out why Eureka Springs has it’s name and take a walk through downtown. Might I recommend taking your sweetie to Sweet Spring for a refreshing jaunt?
  5. Shop! Downtown Eureka is full of eclectic little shops with everything from kitchenware to clothes. Take a walk only one or two blocks in either direction from the venue and you’ll be bound to find something that you just must have!
  6. Grab a pizza at Chelsea’s Corner Cafe and Bar. This place is a local favorite with a growing lineup of bands cycling through year-round themselves. Not to be missed.
  7. Wander over to Brews and grab coffee or a beer. They’re open from 8am-11pm today and tomorrow and from 8am-9pm on Sunday.
  8. Have lunch at the Oasis on Saturday or Sunday. The original Ark-Mex cuisine is super yum and the restaurant will be open from 10am-2:30pm this weekend.
  9. Grab snacks! Hop over to the Eureka Market and load up on snacks to stock your hotel room for quick between set snack breaks. The bars are flowing and you don’t want to get drunk AND hangry!
  10. Try something new! Whether it’s a new dance move, borrowing someone’s hula hoop, joining in the group jams at the end of the night, trying some new kind of food,  or poking your head in a chilly spring cave – I guarantee you’ll be making memories and having a blast!

Let me know how it goes in the comments! Can you do all ten? Do you have other suggestions? Put them down there! And, see you on the dance floor!


Hey! This is the beginning of a whole weekend’s worth of posts about OzMoMuFest. I’ve been granted free access to the festival in order to share all about it right here on my blog. All opinions are most def. my own.