#OzMoMuFest Day 1 Wrap-Up

Friday night was such a blast with only three bands, I feel like today is going to be overwhelming with more than I can count!

Here’s a few of my thoughts on the bands from last night. For more photos, videos, and commentary check out the Ozark Mountain Music Festival facebook page – where I’ve been posting throughout the festival and my twitter account where I’ll be live-tweeting all weekend.

Three Penny AcreThree Penny Acre started the festival off in the Ballroom. This adorable window-laden stage sits on the 6th floor of the hotel and was just enough space for the plethora of instruments the band brought in. Three Penny Acre is a story-telling kind of a band with a good little tale to go along with almost every one of their songs. They warmed up the stage for Honky Suckle to follow them and were a great start to a really fun night!

winkWink was a band I hadn’t heard before, but I sure am glad I did! The first band on the Ozark Room stage brought a big crowd down to the 1st floor. They have an old fashioned sound, like a deep-south honky tonk that you want to bring home to your living room for lively entertainment every night of the week. I should have told them, “I don’t want your CD, I want you!” Oh, that’s another thing. The Basin Park Hotel is not particularly enormous and if you’re meandering about between shows you will see all of the bands. You might even get caught in the little elevator with one of them! There’s no back-stage pass because the whole festival is back-stage-y. Such a neat thing! The crowd really got to dancing with this band and the room was filled to the brim. I’d suggest getting to the Ozark Room early on Saturday because it’s much smaller than the Ballroom.Honky SuckleHonky Suckle is a long-time favorite of ours, so I knew they would be a lot of fun last night. They got the whole ballroom up on their feet and dancing. The guitarist from Mountain Sprout joined them last night, and so it was double excellent to me (I’m a big fan). Things just got more and more wild from there on. If you’re not reading this from your room at the Basin Park Hotel, make plans to attend next year because it’s too much fun to miss out on!

After Honky Suckle was a midnight jam session. There’s another tonight, so if you missed last night’s, come see the bands get down together tonight!

I received a free pass to the festival to blog and social-media-ize the event this weekend. However, all opinions are my own. A big thanks to the Eureka Springs Downtown Network and The Basin Park Hotel for letting me be a part of the next big thing!