#OzMoMuFest Saturday Morning Wrap-Up

After a great show on the balcony by what may as well be the Basin Park Hotel’s house band, the Hogscalders, the Ozark Room started cranking out the jams. Chuck Onofrio, the fiddle player for the Hogscalders, spent the whole festival hopping up on stage with bands to accompany them. It was really amazing to see him learn a song in 10 seconds flat and round out a band’s sound in a totally new way, all right in front of the audience.

Pearl BrickStarting the “morning” off in the Ozark room was Pearl Brick, a local singer/songwriter. She was a great start to the day with cheerful stories and sad songs. Talk about #locallove, Pearl Brick is from Eureka Springs and she’s not afraid to tell you all about it.

Tyrannosaurus ChickenFollowing Pearl was the dynamic duo Tyrannosaurus Chicken. They had the Ozark Room filled to capacity and made SO much noise for just two people. The purposefully tinny sound of the vintage mic gave them an old-timey rock and roll sound. They are incredibly talented and have a kickstand with tamourines on it, so basically they just win life. If you didn’t get to see them at the Ozark Mountain Music Festival, go seek them out because they just plain rock.

I received a free pass to the festival to blog and social-media-ize the event this weekend. However, all opinions are my own. A big thanks to the Eureka Springs Downtown Network and The Basin Park Hotel for letting me be a part of the next big thing!