Plastic Free July – Day 17

Chicken broth/stock always comes in tetra packs here. I always thought they were just cardboard, and recyclable – but that is not the case! They have layers of other stuff and most recycling facilities do not accept them because separating the materials is too difficult. So, the best solution is to make your own!

Whenever we roast a whole chicken, we either freeze the bones or put stock on that day. I planned this week’s menu around having a whole roasted chicken and then a soup that called for chicken broth. The broth can be made in a crock pot, so its super low maintenance.

All you have to do is add water, cook on low for several hours, and strain it when it’s done! We added a bit of onion and celery that we happened to have on hand to the stock, but just the chicken carcass will do. For a vegetable version, you can simply freeze useful bits of vegetables until you’ve got enough to start some stock!

Do you ever make your own stock? What do you put in it? Have you ever found it in a glass container in stores? If so, where?!