Roasted Pork Carnitas

tacosAs you all probably know, we celebrate Tuesdays with tacos. Occasionally we like to branch out and make other Mexican favorites to break up the routine. This week we roasted pork all day in the crock-pot to achieve an awesome low maintenance dinner. A small boneless pork shoulder simmered on low for 6-8 hours in orange juice, garlic, poblano and bell peppers, as well as onions and veggie stock creates tender meat ready to top rice or be stuffed into shells. To make soft fried corn tortillas, heat a small amount of vegetable oil (about tsp) in a small frying pan. Then, fry each side of the shell until more yellow in color and can bend without breaking. For a more festive take on dinner, I chop all the topping and put them out as a “taco bar” so everyone gets a taco filled with exactly what they want. Try it for your next taco Tuesday!!