Ozark Mountain Music Festival – First Festival of the Year

IMG_8147Eureka Springs is the place to be mid-January. I know, it sounds nuts, but seriously – the Ozark Mountain Music Festival is SO MUCH FUN! And I don’t use all caps lightly!
Step ten feet from the Basin Park Hotel and it’s chilly and quiet, but that’s actually kind of a pleasant environment to explore the town in. There are still walking tours going on, shops open, restaurants, and bars too. Inside the hotel, it’s like the world comes alive with people milling about on every floor. Everyone’s in that friendly festival mode, willing to let you do your thing or become your new best friend.

So, if you’re the goes-to-every-festival type, you’ve got to look at OzMoMuFest as the first festival of the year. Festival season no more, we get it going in January in E.S.! Bring your hoop, your flow-y hair or winter beard, and the will to dance to some good-ass music. If instead, you’re an old person or a laid back or responsible human being or any combination of those – this festival’s for you too! It’s in a hotel, so you don’t have to camp or drive or even walk more than a few feet to your bed that gets made for you by housekeeping every morning, I mean – it’s like.. what would the word for festival glamping be for this?? It’s just so nice! The Basin Park Hotel is so cool! Add amazingly talented bands to their two biggest venue rooms and you’re in for the best weekend you could imagine – especially in such drab weather!

IMG_8079Check out my other recent posts on lorrabeth.com for more details on the amazing bands that played this year’s second annual OzMoMuFest and make plans to be there next year! I’ll see you on the dance floor!

I didn’t get paid for any of my posts about the Ozark Mountain Music Festival, and all opinions are my own.

#OzMoMuFest 2015 – Saturday Night Wrap-Up

Saturday night at OzMoMuFest was full of some serious talent from Eureka Springs, AR; Colombia, MO; and Fayetteville, AR. The night started off with a big local band – Dime Trip – and ended with the practically local Shawn James and the Shapeshifters. The two amazing bands sandwiched some equally awesome talent. Here’s my wrap-up of Saturday night at the Ozark Mountain Music Festival!

Local band, Dime Trip, jammed the sun down in the ballroom Saturday night. With the band members’ kids grooving right up front (and even on stage for a bit) there was a family friendly vibe that made the ballroom feel like Dime Trip’s living room must be; music, dancing, drinks, it was a good start to the night. Plus these guys are super talented and fun to be around.Processed with Moldiv

Following Dime Trip was Chucky Waggs, also from Eureka Springs. The band brought the bluegrass sound to the stage and with a slide guitar, harmonica, and one of the rockin-est fiddle players I’ve ever seen, plus a singing-drum-playing-guitarist, it was hard not to dance through their whole set!Processed with Moldiv

The Hooten Hallers had a grunge/blues feel that was heavy and kind of hardcore – in a good way. Their drummer got on stage, took off his pants, and the band got started. He stood through the whole set and was one of the most engaged drummers I’ve seen. And I just couldn’t get over how that sax is just enormous, and has such a deep sound! Their sound was a hardcore one that took some adjusting to after the bluegrass/blues sound of Chucky Waggs, but after their first few songs the dance floor was packed and they ended their set with a song about the police that got the whole crowd fist pumping.Processed with Moldiv

Shawn James and the Shapeshifters, from Fayetteville, AR, finished off the night in the Basin’s Ballroom with such amazing talent it was hard to walk away! This overcrowded band filled the stage but they were wholly outnumbered by a huge following of fans many of whom knew the words to their songs. There’s not just talent in their musicianship though, there’s some serious songwriting going on that is just undeniably good.Processed with Moldiv

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