the evolution of a pumpkin


pumpkinIt’s a little hard to have an appetite for pumpkin when it seems like pumpkin flavored everything exploded into every store ever, but a classic pumpkin pie is an essential holiday dish. Brooke and I get our pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch that offers an endless number of varieties of pumpkins and gourds.

We pick our pumpkins up around late October and save one from an early demise as a jack-o-lantern. That pumpkin sits unpunctured in the kitchen until mid-october when I finally find the time to chop it, gut it, and bake it. Once it’s baked (tender to a fork) I chunk it up into smaller bits and throw it in the blender. And that’s it. Pureed. Then, on Thanksgiving, it gets pie-ified.

So much more delicious than some gross can of pre-mixed pie mush. And SO much more vibrant. With a bit of dad’s perfectly home made whipped cream, I could eat the whole pie!

What goes into your holiday desserts? Are you a pumpkin person or a pecan person? I lean toward the pumpkin side of things, obviously.