vampire weekend at the AMP

vampire weekendMy view is not quite the same as most, but I could still hear every word – and that’s what counts. I’ve been known to join the little crowds behind the AMP on the bike trail when there’s a show going on. Some people bring coolers, or chairs. But I just lean on my bike and groove. (Sometimes I bring cookies.)

A couple of weeks ago Vampire Weekend was in town. You can’t really take a picture of music … case in point above, but it was pretty incredible. I heard a lot about them on NPR when their new album came out in May. Until then, I had kind of written them off as one of those ’emo’ bands from High School with Death Cab and other more embarrasing bands. But I really like their new album, it has a fresh feel while retaining their own style and sound.

If you get the chance, go see them! Loiter outside like I did, or you know, pay money… their backdrop was beautiful (I saw pictures later) – though it kind of blocked my view.